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Keep on Truckin’

The countdown’s on! We’re heading out in 9 days and just got our truck last night.  Why did we wait so long? We would have gotten it sooner, but [luckily] we realized ahead of time that it wouldn’t fit in our garage, the townhome we’ve been renting doesn’t have a driveway, and we can only park in guest parking for about a week before we’ll be towed.

Therefore, we had to wait to get the truck til right before leaving.  Plus, it ended up being a very complicated, drawn-out, frustrating process as we needed a specific truck to be able to tow our trailer (5.0L V8 with an axle ratio of at least 3.42).  Enough with the technical details though.  Let’s just say I’ve learned a whole lot more about trucks than I ever knew before or thought I would need to know.  Haha!

Our New Truck!
Our New Truck!

There were so many little details we had to think about and take into consideration to fit the puzzle pieces together and make this plan work.  This was not a “spur of the moment” idea, it was a carefully orchestrated plan (more on that later though).  And getting a truck was a huge part of the plan as we need it to tow our travel trailer.

In case you’re wondering why we opted for a truck and trailer instead of a motorhome, I’ll explain our reasoning.  A motorhome would have been convenient.  However, we want to do a lot of exploring and ultimately decided that it would be easier to do so with the freedom to drop the trailer off at the campground and take the truck around to check out the area.

Anyways…more about the truck! We were debating between a Ford, Chevy and GMC.  We ended up going with a GMC Sierra 1500 though for the following reasons:

  1. It’s very similar to a Chevy, but GMC is a more upscale version with a few extra upgraded features.
  2. The GMC has more tow capacity than the Ford.
  3. We got a V8, but the GMC switches between 4 and 8 cylinders depending on how much power is needed, which saves on gas!

Besides, the GMC’s just good looking! Can’t wait to be driving it on the open road while towing our trailer and heading to our next destination! (Yes, Justin, I will be driving it whether you like it or not! 😉 )


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