Living the Good Trailer Life


June 25, 2014 by Briana

I’ve been meaning to write this post to show our travel trailer and give details about it ever since we picked it up in Michigan back on June 6th.  Sorry for the delay! In case you were curious about the trailer, here’s some information about our unit.  We went with a Crossroads Sunset Trail model ST30RK.  The “RK” in the model name stands for a “Rear Kitchen” floor plan, meaning that the kitchen is in the back of the trailer with the living space in the middle and the bedroom in the front.  The trailer is 34.5 feet long and weighs 6,862 pounds dry (without adding anything to it, such as clothes, food, etc).

Trailer Floor Plan

Justin originally wanted a much smaller unit because he had never towed a trailer before and thought a smaller one would be more manageable and easier to tow.  A smaller trailer would have been fine if we were only using it a weekend here and there.  However, since we were planning on living in a trailer full-time for months on end, I wanted space and had my eye on a longer, much heavier unit.  So we compromised and went with the ST30RK as it was still longer than Justin wanted but shorter than the one I liked the most and much lighter.

Since this trailer will be our home for the next several months, we wanted to make sure it would be comfortable with plenty of storage.  This is why we opted for a rear kitchen with lots of counter space, a booth dinette with storage under the seats, theater seating recliners with storage under the armrest, cabinets around the TV, a linen closet and counter space in the bathroom and a slide-out closet in the bedroom.  The front of the trailer with the bathroom and bedroom is a little tight, but the living area is very roomy.  Overall, we love our trailer (and so do the pups)! 🙂

The outdoor kitchen and fireplace were bonuses! I’ve always loved fireplaces, and even though trailers don’t have real fireplaces (they’re electric space heaters that resemble a fire), I still thought it would be nice to have one if we could.

The fabulous fireplace!

The fabulous fireplace!

Well, luckily our trailer came with one! We initially thought the fireplace would just be decorative, but it’s actually extremely functional! We’ve ended up loving the fireplace and using it quite a bit as it really heats up the trailer on cold nights.  Plus, since it’s electric, we don’t have to use our propane to heat the trailer, which saves us money!

A few other things we’ve learned about owning an RV:

  • Don’t leave ANYTHING on the counters while you’re in transit
  • Make sure EVERY cabinet door is closed while you’re on the go
  • Use plastic totes for storing loose items in cabinets to keep them from moving around or falling over
  • Clean the air conditioner filter in soapy water every 2 weeks if you’re using the A/C regularly
  • Check the level of your tanks frequently and be sure to empty them regularly

It’s a constant learning process though.  We’re still figuring things out as we go along.  🙂


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