Days 44-45: California & Oregon


July 23, 2014 by Briana

Day 44 (7/14/14): Fortuna, CA | Winchester Bay, OR | Reedsport, OR

IMG_5696On to Oregon! So happy to finally be leaving California! Oregon’s always intrigued me, and I’ve never been. I’ve been looking forward to seeing it, especially since Portland, OR is at the top of our list of possible places to move to at the end of this trip. We continued driving up the coast of Northern California towards Oregon.

Prior to reaching Oregon, we drove through the Redwood National Forest and passed the Klamath River. The woodsy drive was lovely although to be honest, while the southern Oregon coast was scenic, it wasn’t as green (and therefore as pretty) as California’s central coast. There were random massive rocks protruding from the ocean in Oregon though, which made for an interesting view. Plus, we enjoyed the coastal fog.

For our first stop in Oregon, we decided to stay on the coast since next we’ll be going to Portland, which is inland. Such a good decision! We stayed at the Winchester Bay RV Resort in Winchester Bay.  The campground is located between the ocean and the marina with a background of forest trees. We loved the gorgeous setting!

This has now become our favorite campground simply based on its stunning location. We had an ocean view from the living area of our trailer! Plus, we had our own personal fire ring at our site, which allowed us to have a campfire whenever we were in the mood for one. Up until this RV resort, we hadn’t been able to have a campfire since Michigan!

After getting set up at camp, we drove about 5 miles up the road to the town of Reedsport where we had dinner at the Harbor Light Family Restaurant. I’ve never been a fan of fish and chips, but their fried halibut was outstanding with a light, crispy tempura batter.  I am now a fish and chips convert! When we returned to our campground, fog was rolling in, so we took advantage of our site’s fire ring.  We were so happy to be able to have a campfire again and feel like we’re actually camping!


Day 45 (7/15/14): Winchester Bay, OR

Walking path along the ocean

Walking path along the ocean

This was a catch-up day. We really love the campground and stayed there for the majority of the day. The pups also enjoyed this campground! Saucy seems to base her preference of campground on the quality of the grass and whether or not she can run around in it to fetch her ball.

She wouldn’t even bother running after her ball at some places if the grass didn’t meet her standards. There was a large grassy area at this RV resort though, and Saucy loved it. Plus, both Meaty and Saucy liked walking on the paths along the ocean and marina of Winchester Bay.

Later in the afternoon, we went grocery shopping, which might not seem that exciting, but I was pretty thrilled to be able to stock up on food. Now that I have all of my cooking gear from our storage unit, I can finally start cooking! Hopefully that means we’ll start eating healthier. We’ll see. Haha!

Later that evening was cold and windy, which seems to be pretty common for the area. A thick fog covered the campground in a damp mist. It wasn’t the ideal campfire conditions, but we didn’t let that be a deterrent. We made a fire anyway since we love having our own fire ring and want to use it as much as possible while we have one to use.


2 thoughts on “Days 44-45: California & Oregon

  1. Hi, there are some propane powered fake fires that are approved by many campgrounds. They sit above ground and have ceramic logs. Nothing like the real thing buy may add ambiance in a pinch.


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