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Where We Decided to Live!!!

I can’t believe it’s already been 19 months since we originally set out on our journey back in June 2014! Thank you for following along with us this entire time and enduring my delayed blogging! In my last blog post, I mentioned that when we finished our initial road trip through all 48 contiguous states, we had been hanging out in Southern California for 4 months trying to figure out where to go from there.

Since we still didn’t know where we wanted to live when everything was said and done, we figured why not stall a little longer and do one more road trip finale?! This next RV excursion included Denver, CO (since we didn’t get to see the Mile High City the first time we visited), the West Coast again (just because we love it so much and knew there was more to see), and a bunch of National Parks along the way.  See our complete route HERE.

But before I write about all of those adventures, I’ve decided that I’ve kept you waiting long enough about where we ended up moving to.  So I’m going to skip ahead a bit and finally tell you where we decided to live! Scroll down for the big news!


Without further ado…

The announcement you’ve all been waiting for…

We decided to move to…

Drumroll, please…



Denver 2

We are now official Coloradans living in Denver, CO! We laugh about the fact that we’re living in the city we didn’t even get to see when we were there initially because we were thoroughly traumatized and left in the middle of the night (read the crazy story HERE).  How ironic is that?! Good thing we revisited Denver, or we’d probably still be living in our trailer twiddling our thumbs and/or wandering around aimlessly.  The other funny thing about us settling down in Denver is that I never would have thought I’d live in Colorado, especially because it’s a winter state.  I’ve always been adamantly against living anywhere where it snows! After growing up in Las Vegas and then living in Los Angeles for 5 years, I had no idea what to even wear in the frigid white stuff!

Justin missed the seasons from the days he lived in his hometown of Salt Lake City, UT.  For a while now he’s been trying to convince me to live somewhere that has winters along with all the other seasons.  Ultimately, Denver won me over! It even snowed the second time we were there checking it out back in May 2015, and surprisingly I lived through it! I was a little skeptical that it snowed in May (seriously, snow in May?), but I’m glad I experienced it.  Knowing I could handle the snow after all made the decision to live in Denver even easier.  My only contingency for agreeing to move to Denver was that we absolutely had to have an attached garage or the deal was off! Haha!

Our New Home State!!!

After our second cross-country road trip (which I’ll be writing about eventually), we returned to Southern California to tie up some loose ends and get what few items we had remaining in storage.  We sold both our truck and travel trailer as a package deal and then moved out to Denver on July 22nd, 2015, with nothing but a U-Haul truck and everything we owned in the back of it! We didn’t even know where we would live when we reached Denver on July 24th.  We pulled up to apartment complexes in our moving truck and asked if they had any units available.  When they asked how soon we were looking to move, we pointed to our moving truck and said, “Right now!”  Luck was on our side, and by July 26th (less than 2 days later), we had found an apartment (with an attached garage… yippee!) and moved in! We’ve been living in Denver and loving it ever since!

Surprisingly, the weather hasn’t been bad.  In fact, it’s been really nice overall.  Don’t get me started on fall (my favorite season)! Gorgeous! I’ve even been surviving the winter.  I hate to admit this, but I’ve actually been enjoying the snow believe it or not.  We’ll have to keep that top secret though.  I can’t have people knowing I like the thing I said I would never tolerate.  🙂 Experiencing the seasons has really been a pleasant change for me.  We love exploring our new city and state! Stay tuned for the blog posts about our time in Denver and the reasons why we decided to live there along with more posts about our adventures on the road!


4 thoughts on “Where We Decided to Live!!!”

  1. Best of luck on your new adventures in Denver! Are you planning on building a client base as an MA in the city? Please keep us updated! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Sandy! Glad you’ve been following along on our adventures! I’ll be getting back into makeup out here in Denver eventually. I still feel like we’re getting settled in (even though it’s been almost 6 months already…haha!). My husband and I are also starting new careers that we’re really excited about. I’ll be making an announcement about them soon and will keep you posted. Thanks again for keeping in touch!


  2. I always thought Colorado would be a good choice for you guys! Glad you found your new place! Even though I haven’t lived in Colorado for many years I still have a lot of contacts if you ever need anything! Best of luck – it’s a beautiful place to live! (You should definitely check out the winery my cousin works at sometime – it’s called Balistreri Vineyards – her name is Jessica!)


    1. Thanks, Julie! How did I not know you used to live in Colorado?! Where and for how long?! Thanks for the tip about the winery your cousin works at. We’ll have to do some wine tasting there for sure! And I’ll definitely hit you up about your contacts! Thanks so much! By the way, congrats on your beautiful baby boy! Hope you and your family are doing fantastic!


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