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Days 61-64: Washington, Idaho & Montana

Day 61 (7/31/14): Anacortes, WA | Spokane, WA Time to start heading east. We began making our way over to Spokane, WA, Justin's old (short-lived) stomping grounds. Justin had lived in Spokane for a few months about 10 years ago, and since we'd be passing through, he wanted to show me around. On the way,… Continue reading Days 61-64: Washington, Idaho & Montana

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Days 57-60: Oregon, Washington & BC, Canada

Day 57 (7/27/14): Portland, OR | Anacortes, WA After spending what felt like an adequate amount of time in Portland, we were ready to head up to northern Washington to scope out Seattle. On our way, we were treated to some pretty decent views of Mount Rainier from the I-5 while driving through Tacoma and… Continue reading Days 57-60: Oregon, Washington & BC, Canada