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Days 146-148: Georgia

Day 146 (10/24/14): Brunswick, GA | Savannah, GA One of the many (and most important) lessons we've learned from being on the road and living full-time in an RV is that you can only plan so much before fate steps in with her own plans (while laughing ominously, shaking her head and saying "Silly humans!").… Continue reading Days 146-148: Georgia

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Days 144-145: Georgia & Florida

Day 144 (10/22/14): Brunswick, GA | Jacksonville, FL We finally made it to Florida! With no state income tax, we wanted to seriously consider Florida as our next place to live. For this reason, we were planning on visiting several major cities in the Sunshine State. The first city on our list was Jacksonville, the… Continue reading Days 144-145: Georgia & Florida

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Days 142-143: Georgia & South Carolina

Day 142 (10/20/14): Savannah, GA | Hilton Head Island, SC Even though we were done with Charleston, we weren't quite finished seeing South Carolina yet. We had heard great things about Hilton Head Island, SC, and wanted to visit the area. With the island being only about 30 miles from Savannah, it's actually much closer… Continue reading Days 142-143: Georgia & South Carolina

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Days 130-131: Virginia & North Carolina

Day 130 (10/8/14): Richmond, VA | Raleigh, NC Having our fill of Richmond, we were ready to leave Virginia. Since we were working our way down South, we'd be going back through North Carolina and wanted to check out Raleigh. While driving, we saw numerous cotton fields as well as billboards for BBQ. We finished… Continue reading Days 130-131: Virginia & North Carolina

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Days 125-126: Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland & Washington, D.C.

Day 125 (10/3/14): Narvon, PA | Delaware | College Park, MD This was a driving day. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Pennsylvania and appreciated all the historic places we were able to see. But with our tour of the state now complete, it was time to move on. So we left Pennsylvania today and… Continue reading Days 125-126: Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland & Washington, D.C.

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Day 124: Pennsylvania (Part 2)

Day 124 (10/2/14): Philadelphia, PA For our last Pennsylvania destination, we visited Philadelphia, known as the "birthplace of American democracy" and "The City of Brotherly Love." Wondering how Philadelphia received the "brotherly love" nickname, I discovered that it's not so much a nickname as it's actually a literal translation. Philadelphia in Greek basically means "brother"… Continue reading Day 124: Pennsylvania (Part 2)

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Days 121-122: Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania

Day 121 (9/29/14): Oakham, MA | Connecticut | New York | New Jersey | Narvon, PA Yesterday we said goodbye to my family in Massachusetts and left this morning. Back on the road, we headed south along the East Coast. First we passed through Hartford, CT, then the states of New York and New Jersey.… Continue reading Days 121-122: Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey & Pennsylvania

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Days 119-120: Massachusetts & Rhode Island (Part 2)

Day 119 (9/27/14): Leominster, MA | Providence, RI We began this beautiful sunny day by taking a scenic drive up to Leominster (pronounced "Lemon-ster" by the locals). As we traveled north, we appreciated bursts of autumn colors in the foliage bordering the highway.   But while it was starting to look like fall, it sure didn't… Continue reading Days 119-120: Massachusetts & Rhode Island (Part 2)

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Day 118: Massachusetts & Rhode Island (Part 1)

Day 118 (9/26/14): Boston, MA | Newport, RI | Providence, RI Justin and I had a fight last night, and I'm not ashamed to admit that it wasn't our first fight on this road trip (nor was it our last). When you spend literally all day every day together for weeks and months on end,… Continue reading Day 118: Massachusetts & Rhode Island (Part 1)

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Day 117: Massachusetts

Day 117 (9/25/14): Boston, MA Justin and I had both been to Boston before, but we had never been with each other. Plus, neither of us had a particularly good experience when we visited in the past. Justin had been there on a business trip and didn't get to see much of the city. And… Continue reading Day 117: Massachusetts