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Days 90-92: Tennessee, North Carolina & Georgia

Day 90 (8/29/14): Asheville, NC Wow...we've been on the road for 90 days! Traveling has definitely become a way of life. There's always more to see! For example, we realized that we were staying only about 90 miles from Asheville, NC. We had heard good things about the town of Asheville, so we took a… Continue reading Days 90-92: Tennessee, North Carolina & Georgia

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Days 87-89: Tennessee (Part 2)

Day 87 (8/26/14): Nashville, TN | Sevierville, TN Some days on the road just aren't that eventful. The most exciting thing about today was finding cheap gas. Haha! As we headed east through Tennessee from Nashville to Sevierville, we stopped for gas outside of Baxter, TN and were happy to discover the cheapest gas we… Continue reading Days 87-89: Tennessee (Part 2)